Top 10 Best iPhone Keylogger

Have you been searching for a keylogger for your iPhone? If you have ever googled one, you will find that there are just so many from which you could choose.

However, not every keylogger is the same. While the task of keylogger is to log every keystroke, every keylogger app has its own way of doing so.

Further, while most keylogger apps require you to jailbreak your iPhone, there are very few which work just as same but WITHOUT jailbreak. Yes, that’s true. Those are the keyloggers I love.

Since there are so many different modes of operation, it can be vital to know which keylogger to choose.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of Top 10 Best iPhone Keyloggers. You can browse through this list and select the best out of the best.

**All the keylogger apps in this list are paid apps. This is because all the free keylogger apps in the market are either useless, fraud, or a waste of time. They intend to download malware in your system. Therefore, always choose a paid and trusted solution.**

Before we delve into the best keyloggers, let us first understand what is a keylogger and why is it used.

What is a Keylogger?

A keylogger is an application or a part of an application that is designed to record whatever the target system is typing on the keyboard. The target system could be a computer, Android phone, or an iOS phone.

Since a keylogger records every keystroke that is made, looking at a keylogger’s log can reveal important information about a person. This includes their messages, usernames, passwords, and other personal information.

Therefore, if you want to spy on any person, there is no better way to do it than a keylogger. This is especially true if the person in question is your spouse or your child.

Now that we are clear about the basics of a keylogger, let us start reading about the best keyloggers for iPhone in the market, starting from the AWESOMEST to the less awesome ones.

Do check out which keylogger to choose at the end of the blog. I will tell you which factors matter and even choose a winner among the list.

10 Best Keylogger for iPhone/iPad (from best)

1. Spyic:

If we are talking about iPhone keyloggers, Spyic surely deserves the crown place in the list. It is the best iPhone keylogger app I have found so far.

Actually, it is the best phone monitoring app altogether. It has not only just the keylogger, but also 34 other features that can give you every bit of the target phone’s data.

And believe me, if you think you need a keylogger feature, you will find every one of the features useful and necessary. All the logs of keystrokes are organized by apps in which the keystrokes are made. Therefore, you don’t have to sort out manually.

spyic banner

In fact, I started out with Spyic because I needed a Keylogger myself. However, when I tried Spyic, I got so engaged in it that a week later I was using the rest of its features more than its keylogger.

It is not because the keylogger is any less. In fact, the keylogger is very efficient and organizes the logs according to the applications in which the keys are pressed.

However, the reason for my engagement in Spyic was that every one of these features gave me a deeper insight into the target phone. For example, with its Whatsapp Spy, I could check all the messages sent and received by the user.


Things That Make Spyic The Crown Prince Of Phone Spy Apps

Here are some of the things that I love about Spyic:

  1. No Jailbreak:

Spyic does not require you to jailbreak the target device. It doesn’t compromise the security of the system. This makes me feel secure while using it.

  1. Easy Set Up:

Spyic takes just a few minutes to install. Almost all of the setup process is done automatically by Spyic itself. All you have to do is a few clicks here and there.

  1. Cheap Price:

Spyic is so cheap that at first I felt like they’re practically giving it away for free. When I started using it, I even wondered how could they be running a profit if they sell such AWESOME features at such a low price.

  1. Stealth Mode:

You will love this about Spyic. Spyic always runs in stealth mode so the other person never finds out that they are being spied on. This is because for iOS Spyic doesn’t even require any app installation on the target phone. So you don’t have to access it even once.

I know I know that it makes you sign up for it already. Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Without wasting any time, you can get Spyic from here now.

Here are some of the 35 features that you will get to enjoy with Spyic:

What Else Do You Get With Spyic

Social Media Apps:

Spyic gives you dedicated modules for each of the social media platforms. There is Facebook spy, Snapchat spy, Whatsapp Spy, and so much more. You can see all the people the user talks to and even the messages that are sent and received.

facebook spy

Call Monitor:

The call monitor takes things to the next level. It gives you a detailed log of all the calls received and made by the user. You even get details like call duration, timestamps, and caller identity. The best part is that you can even record these calls.


Location Tracker:

The location tracker keeps track of the device’s location and gives you real time updates. You can even view the recent locations along with time stamps.



If location tracking wasn’t enough, you can even set up a Geofence for the device. Whenever the device’s location crosses the boundary you have set for it, you get an alert.


I know that it can be hard to imagine that a single app could have all these features. Therefore, why don’t you go ahead and check out its live demo? It is best seen with your eyes than read in words.

2. Cocospy:

Cocospy is another awesome iPhone keylogger that I love. It is the only one in the list that can give a close competition to Spyic.

Its features are aimed at remotely providing phone monitoring services. Keylogging is a child’s play when you are using Cocospy.


Cocospy’s iOS solution aims at utilizing the iCloud credentials of the target device. As iPhones are already equipped with iCloud, all the iPhone’s data gets uploaded to it.

Cocospy utilizes this data to extract the vital information for its use. Therefore, you get to know every bit of the target phone.

Not only will you see their keylogs, but you can even view their photos and videos. And not to forget all the features that I mentioned with Spyic as well.

Coming on to the pricing part, Cocospy costs less that the money you probably donate in a week. So it is practically free. I have never seen an app with these many features at such a low cost.

However, you don’t have to take my word for it. It offers a free demo as well (no app installation needed).

3. Spyier

Spyier is another decent keylogger solution for iPhones.

The good point of this app is that it does not require you to jailbreak the target iPhone. However, it does have a significant con.

Spyier requires you to download their app on the target phone. This can be a deal breaker sometimes. Especially when there are apps like Spyic which offer keylogging services without any app installation for iPhone.

Also, I find their interface to be a bit lacking. And I wish they would have at least given you an option of a demo to try out their features before investing all the money.

Therefore, while it works, they need many improvements if they want to compete with top players in the market like Spyic who offer better things at lower cost.

4. Spyzie

Spyzie is another remote keylogging app for iPhone. It enables you to control all the iPhone information remotely. Like its previous friend, it is compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows.

The good thing about Mobistealth is that you wouldn’t have to jailbreak the target device. That is really a relief. Also, you don’t need to install their app on the target iPhone.

Spyzie’s interface is very nice. I found it very interesting and useful while using it.

Also, their pricing model is very reasonable. There are a lot of features and these are very user friendly too!

5. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor aims at parents to track the keylogs of their children. Besides iOS and Android, it is also available for Mac and Windows.

While on the features front it is good, the price to use these features is way to much. That was a deciding factor for me against iKeyMonitor. If they are offering similar services to Spyic, charges five times the fee is not really a fair deal if you ask me.


And that is not it. They have other major downsides as well. To access all the features of iKeyMonitor, you even need to jailbreak the target iPhone.

And to think that they would offer anything good when they are charging so much extra. *sigh*. I was a bit disappointed by that.

But well, if you are not worried by its shortcomings, you should go ahead and try it.

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6. Minspy Global

First things first, when I visited the website of Minspy Global, I was surprised to find out that their website itself is not secure. It is really a let down when you are looking for someone to trust with your data.

They have a boring website and a boring interface. I hoped that they would at least put some effort there. But well, their keylogger works (which gives it a place on this list).

However, it has some other downsides to it. First of all, it requires you to jailbreak the target iPhone.

I know some of you might have dropped the idea of using it at this point alone. Believe me, I stand with you on this choice. Now, if that wasn’t enough, they want you to install their application on the target phone too.

Well, an insecure website, requires jailbroken iPhone, and requires app installation on the target phone. God bless the people who are using The Truth Spy already.

But well, if you love thrill and adventure, go ahead and try it out for yourself. You will only have to shell out thrice the price of Spyic.

7. Copy9:

Copy9 is a decent keylogger app that is aimed for parents and employers. Besides keylogger, it has a few other (not many) features that you can use to monitor the target phone.

Their website doesn’t really talk much about how it works or what it offers. However, yet the price for this mysterious app is very high.

They do give you a free trial though which you are welcome to try. I tried it and I didn’t really found it interesting.

Also, even a trial requires a download. So good luck with that.

8. Spytomobile

Spytomobile is a phone monitoring tool designed for companies to monitor their employees. Classy, I’d say, but not much useful.

It can keep a track of the messages, call logs, and location of the user. Though if it is done without their knowledge is a matter for debate.

It works on a per day basis. If you calculate their monthly price and compare it with the top leaders like Spyic, Spytomobile would seem like a waste of money. Especially when you consider that they are useless on the features front.

But if you just want to check someone’s keylogs for like a few minutes, it might be useful.

9. GuestSpy

When you check out its website, GuestSpy makes bold claims about its services used for catching spouses, protecting children, and monitoring employees. And it can do all of that, but not really to a great extent.

First of all, it requires you to download their app on the target iPhone. How far behind is their technology lagging? Makes me feel like they are living a decade behind.

Coming to the features, they are not bad. They have many features to offer. Almost as much as Spyic.

However, when we talk about their price, they want you to pay them way high. And that is for the same features that you can get from Spyic at one third the price. Quite unfair, I’d say.

And do remember, installing GuestSpy app on the target iPhone might get you caught. So if you have to try it, do it at your own risk.

10. Spyera:

Spyera is again one of those apps that are available for both phones as well as computers. In phones, it works for Android and iOS.

It claims to offer more spying features that its competitors (I guess it hasn’t heard about the features of Cocospy and Spyic).

When I checked its features, they were almost the same (and in some cases, a bit lacking) than its decent competitors. Yet, they require you to pay a very high price for the monthly use of this software.

And I thought if they are making such high claims, at least they would come with good technology to not require jailbreak or app installation.

Oh boy, how wrong was I. While Spyera’s keylogger works, it has all the cons it could possibly have. It requires you to jailbreak the target device. And it even requires an app installation on the target device.

I think it is time they open their eyes and look around at what the world is offering. If I were them, I wouldn’t make such lame claims.

How To Choose Keylogger for iPhone

When you are choosing a keylogger for iPhone, there are several questions that you need to ask. These include:

  1. Does it require Jailbreak?

Most iPhone keyloggers would ask you to jailbreak the target iPhone. However, if you jailbreak the target iPhone, the user is going to find out you are monitoring them.

Not only that, but jailbreak also compromises the security of the device. Therefore, few iPhone spy apps have found out ways to spy on an iPhone without jailbreak. I would prefer choosing them over the other.

  1. Does it require physical access?

I know you might be thinking that physical access is mandatory to spy on the target phone. However, few apps with their cutting edge technology have exploited ways that can spy on the iPhone without having physical access.

I consider such apps a blessing. There is no way I would prefer anything else over them.

  1. What does it cost?

You wouldn’t get any valuable data if you are spying on someone’s keyloggers for a few minutes. To get valuable information, you need to monitor their keystrokes for a longer period of time. I suggest you keep monitoring them always.

However, this comes at a price. Since these apps offer paid subscriptions, you should check if what they offer is worth what they cost.

At times, you can find cheaper alternatives for a better price.

  1. Is it safe?

If an app has a suspicious website or looks like a scam, it is not a good idea to go through with it. In this case, user base matters as well. If an app is used by many people, it is probably safer alternative than an app which has no user base at all.

  1. Do I have to download software on my phone?

It is the internet age and all ‘good’ apps have a cloud-based interface. You can open them and use them through a web browser on any phone or computer.

This means that no app download and installation is required at your end. It keeps the system safe too. Therefore, I will always prefer a web based app than an app which requires me to download their software to view the logs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a keylogger on an iPhone?

Yes, you can put a keylogger on an iPhone. Read our guide above for more details. To summarize, you can set up a keylogger such as Spyic discreetly on an iPhone. We don’t recommend keyloggers that require you to jailbreak the iPhone before they can be installed.

Can you install a keylogger remotely?

Yes, you can install a keylogger remotely on an iPhone. We recommend the Spyic keylogger. This is a special keylogger that you can not only install remotely but also discreetly. It requires no jailbreak and has a fully web-based interface that you can access from your web browser.  

Can keyloggers get passwords?

Yes, keyloggers can get passwords. Keyloggers are programs that record every keystroke made on the target device. When the user is typing in their username and password for an account on their phone, the keylogger can record this information and share it with you. 

Can keyloggers be detected?

Some keyloggers can be detected, yes – especially as they are installed on the iPhone or iPad. If there’s a file for the user to find, they might and then detect you. In the case of an advanced, fully remote keylogger, the user can’t detect them at all as they don’t directly interact with the iPhone. 

How do I know if there is a keylogger on my iPhone?

If your iPhone is jailbroken and it keeps slowing down and the battery drains too quickly, chances are high that there is a keylogger installed. Other strange behavior like random stutters also points to the possibility of a keylogger being present. If it’s a file-based keylogger, you will need to search for suspicious files.

The Final Answer

Now that we know which questions to ask, we need to choose an app that fulfills each of the answer’s needs.

If you did a careful analysis, I think you might have the answer too. It is not that hard.

I consider it a tie between Spyic and Cocospy. Both apps offer everything an iPhone keylogger could offer. And that too at a very cheap price.

No jailbreak required, no software installation required, and a simple and beautiful interface. And the best part? They are enjoyed by millions of users worldwide. I hope you can get your best keylogger for iPhone.

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