How to Hack Facebook Account

How do you hack a Facebook account? If you do a Google search, multiple website results will show up, all of them claiming to be able to hack your target’s Facebook account for you with just their profile link.

Is it really that simple? Can you hack someone’s Facebook account with their profile link alone? Nope, of course not! If it were really that easy, nobody would ever get any privacy and Facebook would go out of business.

Most of these sites are scams trying to make a quick buck off of you. Many of them host malware and phishing software designed to steal your personal and financial information. We recommend avoiding them like the plague.

So is there a legit, surefire way to hack a Facebook account? Yes, there is! You could use a powerful phone monitoring app like Spyic. With such an app, you can remotely and discreetly access someone’s Facebook account.

You could even figure out someone’s Facebook ID and password for full access to their account!

In this article, we give you 5 safe, sure shot ways to hack a Facebook account or Facebook Messenger online:

Part 1: How to Hack Facebook Account Online with Spyic

Spyic is a top-rated phone monitoring and control app. It’s used by over a million people globally from 190+ countries. The app is a favorite with parents, employers, regular people from all walks of life, and even cybersecurity experts!

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1.1 How Spyic’s Facebook Hack Works ‘Secretly’

When you are using Spyic to hack someone’s Facebook account, they never have the tiniest idea about it. This is because of Spyic’s stealth design, built for Android phones and iPhones separately.

If you are curious about how it works for each of these, I will tell you the process one by one for each of these platforms:

Hacking Facebook Installed on iPhone Quietly

If the other person has an iPhone, hacking their Facebook account doesn’t require you to jailbreak the target phone or even it once. This is made possible by using the iCloud feature present in all iPhones already.

With the iCloud feature, all the data of an iPhone gets uploaded to the iCloud server for storage. Some of this data includes their location, media files, and most importantly- their Facebook data.

Spyic for iOS utilizes this iCloud backup to extract important data about their phone (such as their private Facebook messages). Therefore, all you need to do is verify the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone with Spyic, and you will have all their Facebook data on your screen.

Hacking Facebook Installed on Android Phones

When you are hacking a Facebook account of an Android phone, it is COMPULSORY to install the phone spying app on the target phone. This is true whether you use Spyic or any other app.

However, Spyic for Android is designed to be completely hidden and works without root (unlike most Facebook hacking apps for Android). The app size is just around a couple of MB, which means that its installation is lightning fast. Once installed, the app icon vanishes from its app menu.

It doesn’t consume even the slightest amount of battery on their phone. And if you ever feel the need to uninstall it, you can do it remotely with the Spyic dashboard (from any web browser that you use).

**Hacking any app of an Android phone cannot be done without installing the hacking application on the target Android phone. If any app claims otherwise, they are scamming you and they can steal your financial data or infect your system with viruses**

1.2 How do you hack Facebook with Spyic?

Spyic allows you to hack into Facebook accounts on target Android devices in one of two ways:

  • Hack Facebook with the Keylogger utility

Spyic has an inbuilt keylogger function. It records all the keystrokes typed on the target device. The next time your target types in their Facebook account and password, you’ll be able to see what it is. You can then log into their account directly.


  • Hack Facebook directly

Don’t want to run the risk of logging into someone’s Facebook account directly? Spyic also has a Facebook hack feature. With the feature, you can see recent conversations, exchanged media files, contact details, and much more.


1.3 How to Hack Facebook Account with Spyic

Setting up Spyic takes only a handful of minutes on the target Android device:

Step 1: Sign up for a Spyic account. You’ll need an existing email ID that doubles as the Spyic user name.


Step 2: Purchase a Spyic subscription. Depending on the devices you want to monitor, you can choose between Basic, Premium, and Family.

Step 3: Choose the target platform, Android. For iOS, Spyic can’t monitor Facebook without jailbreak. But it can monitor LINE and WhatsApp.


Step 4: Download and install Spyic on the target Android device. It only takes a couple of minutes. After the app is installed, hide it.


Step 5: Log in to your Spyic account from any browser. In the dashboard, look for the Social Apps > Facebook option in the selection panel on the left. Alternatively, you can look for the Keylogger option in the selection panel.

Spyic Dashboard

1.3 What makes Spyic special?

Spyic is a very special app. It’s discreet, powerful, and packed to the brim with various features. Here are some reasons that make Spyic special:

  • 100% discreet

When you’re hacking someone’s Facebook account, you want to be discreet. You don’t want them to know you’re monitoring them. Otherwise, it could permanently harm your relationship with the person.

Fortunately, Spyic is a very stealthy app. Once installed, you can hide it. Thereafter, it will run in the background invisibly. The app is next to impossible to detect. It has a small download size too at less than 2 MBs.

  • Monitor remotely

Once you have Spyic set up on the target phone or tablet, you will be able to monitor it remotely. The Spyic control panel can be accessed from any browser on any phone or PC. You just need to log into your Spyic account.

  • No technical skills needed

Do you need coding skills to hack into someone’s Facebook account with Spyic? Not at all! Spyic was designed to be used by anyone and everyone. No technical skills are needed. Installing and using the app is straightforward.

  • Works without root

Most spy apps on the market require you to root the target device to be able to access Facebook. Spyic, however, isn’t one of them! Spyic is advanced enough to hack Facebook without root. This makes it easy to install and more discreet too.

  • Hack more than just Facebook

Spyic is a full-fledged phone monitoring app. It’s capable of hacking more than just Facebook. On both Android and iOS, Spyic gives you access to call logs, contacts, messages, pictures, videos, notes, and much more.

  • Trusted by a million users

While the market is flooded with spy apps, most of them aren’t legit. They steal your info or infect your phone with viruses. You don’t have to worry about any of that with Spyic. It’s a highly trusted app used by over a million people worldwide.

Try out Spyic for yourself now with the Live Demo!

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Part 2: How to Hack Facebook Account Free with Cocospy

cocospy-boxA reliable alternative to Spyic is Cocospy. Cocospy is a phone spy app for iOS and Android. It’s simple to set up and use. It’s also stealthy and lets you monitor the target phone or tablet without being found out.

2.1 How can you hack Facebook with Cocospy?

Cocospy works as a hidden spy app on the target device. It allows you to hack Facebook directly as well as via a keylogger function. The keylogger function will capture and share all keystrokes made on the device, including Facebook credentials.

The Facebook and Facebook Messenger spy options allow you to take a look at recent Facebook or Messenger conversations. You’ll see exchanged messages, timestamps, media files, contact details, and other relevant information.

2.2 How to get Cocospy up and running

Cocospy can’t hack Facebook for iOS without jailbreak. It works with target Android devices without root, however. Here is how to get Cocospy set up on an Android tablet or phone:

Step 1: Sign up for a free Cocospy account with an email ID.

Step 2: Set the target platform to Android. On iOS, you’ll be able to view WhatsApp and LINE activity only without jailbreak.

Step 3: Install Cocospy onto the target device. It won’t take more than a few minutes. After that, hide Cocospy.

Step 4: Log in to the Cocospy dashboard from any PC or mobile browser. Look for Social Apps > Facebook in the selection panel.

Here, you can see recent Facebook conversations, contact names, exchanged media files, and more. You can also try out the Keylogger utility to potentially find someone’s Facebook account ID and password.

2.3 Why Cocospy?

Cocospy is one of the stealthiest, top-rated, user-friendly Facebook spy tools on the market. Here are some reasons why Cocospy outshines the competition

  • Reliable

You can rely on Cocospy. It works as advertised. It doesn’t try to steal your data or infect your phone with a virus. It’s been around for a long time and has made a name for itself as a legit app. Users worldwide use Cocospy.

  • Web-based monitoring solution

Cocospy allows you to hack into Facebook remotely once it’s been set up on the target device. You can do so from any PC or mobile phone browser. You receive periodic updates, depending on your set update frequency.

  • Non-root solution

Usually, to hack Facebook, you need to root the target device. Cocospy is one of the rare few apps that can hack Facebook without rooting. Consequently, it’s easy to set up. Also, it won’t make the phone vulnerable to malware.

  •  Additional features

Cocospy is more than just a simple Facebook hack utility. The app gives you complete access to the user’s phone data, including call logs, messages, pictures, notes, contacts, and so much more.   

  • Undetectable

Finally, Cocospy is as undetectable as it gets. You won’t ever be found out.  The Android version works as a hidden spy app, running in the background without an icon. The iOS version, being web-based, can’t be detected at all.

Part 3: How to Hack FB Account with Android Phone


Spyic and Cocospy are the two most effective ways to hack a Facebook account. FlexiSPY is a third way, but it’s not as flexible, convenient, or affordable as the first two aforementioned options. It still works, though.

Note that you’ll need to root the target Android or iOS device to use FlexiSPY, which makes it a bit of a hassle to install. You also run the risk of bricking the target device and rendering it unusable.

3.1 About FlexiSPY

Flexispy is a phone spy app. It needs to be installed on the target Android or iOS device. Once it’s installed, it captures what’s occurring on the phone or tablet and shares them with you. These include Facebook activity.

The app works as advertised, but it’s not a good fit for the technically challenged. You will have to root or jailbreak the target device, which is a complicated process that often requires serious technical skills.

Rooted and jailbroken devices are very vulnerable to malware. Additionally, the owner may become suspicious if their device is suddenly jailbroken or rooted without their knowledge – if you are trying to spy on them discreetly, that is.

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3.2 How to Hack Facebook Account on Android with Flexispy

Step 1: Sign up for a Flexispy account.

Step 2: Purchase a subscription plan.

Step 3: Root the target Android device. You’ll have to Google the procedure.

Step 4: Download Flexispy and get it working.

Step 5: Go to the control panel and look for the Facebook option. Alternatively, you can check out the built-in keylogger utility.

Interested in trying out Flexispy? Visit the official website here!

Part 4: How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Account from Mobile with SpyToMobile

The 4th method to hack someone’s Facebook account is with the SpyToMobile app. Note that SpyToMobile can only hack into the Facebook Messenger app and not Facebook itself. Also, it only works with rooted Android devices.


4.1 About SpyToMobile

SpyToMobile is a basic phone spy app. While it’s a legit app, it has a limited array of features. It can only hack Facebook Messenger for Android – and that too only after rooting. Consequently, it’s hard to set up and use.

Note that SpyToMobile doesn’t work with iOS devices at all. Also, you will need to root the target Android device to unlock most of its features. You may make the owner suspicious if you do so, not to mention leave the device open to malware.

4.2 How to Hack Facebook Account on Android with SpyToMobile

Step 1: Purchase a SpytoMobile subscription. It costs €0.99 per day per phone. The purchase price is a little steep for the features offered but the service is reliable.

Step 2: Root the target Android device. You will have to Google the instructions. Note that this process can take a long time, as much as a few hours. Also, if it gets interrupted, the device may be rendered unusable.

Step 3: Install the SpyToMobile app to the target cell phone. The app will then intercept all Facebook messenger data and upload it to the SpyToMobile server.

Step 4: Log in to your SpytoMobile account to view someone’s Facebook inbox messages. Note that SpyToMobile can only retrieve messages when the target device is connected to the internet.

SpyToMobile offers a very limited Android feature set. It can read messages, call history, and contacts – but that’s about it. The only scenario where getting SpyToMobile might be a good idea is if you want to hack a Facebook ID for just a couple of days.

Part 5: How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Account without Them Knowing with GuestSpy

The final entry on our list is GuestSpy. It’s a well-known phone monitoring app that allows you to hack Facebook and Messenger accounts. Like SpyToMobile and FlexiSPY, GuestSpy also needs you to root/jailbreak the target device to get it running.

5.1 About GuestSpy

GuestSpy is a legit Facebook hacking app. It works as advertised on both Android and iOS devices. However, you need to root and jailbreak said platforms. This isn’t something easy to do, especially if you’re technically challenged.

If you do decide to root/jailbreak the target device, it becomes automatically susceptible to malware. Also, for iOS devices, you void the warranty. And if the installation process goes wrong, you may make the device inoperable.

5.2 How to Hack a Facebook or Messenger Account with GuestSpy

Step 1: Disable “Unknown sources” and “Scan device for security threats” in Settings and Google Play Protect respectively.

Step 2: Purchase a GuestSpy subscription. They offer a free 48 hours trial.

Step 3: Download the GuestSpy app onto the target device. Follow the installation prompts.

Step 4: Find the Facebook feature in the GuestSpy control panel. You can access the control panel after logging in to your account. You can do this from any browser.

A GuestSpy Premium subscription costs $24.99 per month, while a Gold subscription will set you back by $28.99. You can’t hack a Facebook account with the Standard subscription, which costs $20.99 per month.

Apart from Facebook hacking, GuestSpy offers a variety of added features. The top ones include SMS, contact logs, GPS tracking, keylogger, and photos/video viewer. All features require you to root or jailbreak the target device.

To Conclude

Summing it up, you can hack a Facebook account conveniently, remotely, and stealthily with Spyic or Cocospy. These apps are effective, affordable, and easy to set up. You can start spying on Facebook within minutes.

Additionally, both Spyic and Cocospy have a powerful keylogger utility. With it, you can potentially figure out your target’s Facebook ID and password and get unfettered access to their account.

FlexiSPY, SpyToMobile, and GuestSpy are the other three alternatives you can use. However, they all either offer a limited feature set, are expensive, or require you to root or jailbreak the target device. They’re good but not as good as Spyic or Cocospy.


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